Benefits Of Nettle Tea

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Benefits Of Nettle Tea

Tea prepared from the leaves, roots, stem and flowers of the nettle plant is commonly known as nettle tea and has been traditionally used by herbalists and homeopathic practitioners as a medicine for various diseases. The nettle tea is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium and contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. The nettle plant is covered with pointed spines that contain venom like substance that gives a rash on being touched to the skin. Luckily, these repulsive properties of nettle plant get destroyed when its extracts are cooked and dried. Long time users of nettle tea support the numerous health benefits that the tea provides to the human body. Some of these benefits include:

1. Benefits to women.
Nettle tea is extremely beneficial to women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms or excessive menstrual bleeding. Intake of nettle tea at night reduces the symptoms of PMS and reduces the amount of blood lost through menstrual flow. It also treats problems like anemia which are commonly found among women. Nettle tea is also considered useful for pregnant women. Its use after childbirth reduces bleeding, provides energy and promotes the production of breast milk.

2. Beneficial for men.
Prostate enlargement is a common problem of most men after the age of fifty. The primary cause for this is the high secretion and action of DHT hormone. Nettle tea is rich in sterols, which help to reduce the action of DHT and thus delays the process of prostate enlargement.

3. Beneficial for the respiratory system.
Nettle tea is rich in anti-inflammatory and antihistamine substances and is extremely beneficial for the respiratory system. It is used to clear and open blocked bronchial and nasal passages. Since it helps to remove phlegm from lungs, this tea is quite popular for treating respiratory problems like asthma. This tea is also used for treating hay fever.

4. Helps to remove toxins.
Nettle tea is extremely effective in dissolving kidney stones and removing waste from the bladder. The tea stimulates the kidneys to expel more water in the form of waste. This helps the body to get rid of metabolic wastes and toxic substances and serves as a blood purifier.

5. Kills and removes worms.
Nettle tea helps in killing and removing worms from the intestines. It thus helps in cleaning the entire intestinal tract.

6. Enhances immunity.
Nettle tea activates the natural defense mechanisms of the body and thus helps in keeping away from problems like common cold, cough, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections and other kinds of inflammations.
Certain drugs when combined with nettle tea can cause negative effects. So people taking blood thinners or medicines for high blood pressure should consult their physicians before beginning the intake of nettle tea. The tea can cause loss of potassium and create an electrolyte imbalance. So should be consumed within limits prescribed by tour doctor.

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