Benefits Of Neti Pot

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Benefits of Neti Pot

Neti pots are very popular in India and they have several practical benefits. As a matter of fact the Hatha yoga method of cleansing is known as Jalaneti or neti. Neti pots are highly beneficial in irrigating and cleansing sinuses.

1. Treat sinuses

Chemicals and pollution problems include dust, pollen as well as many other irritants. When you breathe, the irritants continue to accumulate. Sinus passages are usually prone to nasal and sinus congestion as well as other respiratory ailments. The neti pots promote good sinus health in ways that prescription and over-the-counter medications cannot. It is advisable that you always consult a physician prior to using the neti pots.

2. Improve general health

Many health experts believe that frequent use of neti pots can have great positive impact on the general health of an individual. Neti pots are quite beneficial for people with certain allergies like hay fever since they assist in doing away with the allergenic particles that are trapped in the nasal passage. The salt water used in the neti pots reduces swelling which the neti pots lessen problematic immune reactions. Health experts also say that frequent use of neti pots reduces the risk of catching a cold. Additionally, when you do get a cold or flu, a neti pot could possibly lessen its severity and thus assist you to do away with it more quickly.

3. Cost effective

A neti pot is a very inexpensive way of dealing with a sinus infection or any other respiratory complication. This is because it usually costs less than $20, which is beneficial as compared to other medications that are quite expensive. It is also very small and you can opt to take it with you as you travel.

One of the major drawbacks of the neti pot is that it requires people to pour salty water through their noses, which might not be easy for some people.

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