Benefits Of Neroli

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Benefits of Neroli

Neroli oil is medium brown and has a sweet citrus scent. This essential oil is gotten from citrus fruits and that is why many of its useful properties are almost equal to other citrus oils. Using neroli oil provides various health benefits as displayed below.

1. Benefits the skin

When topically applied, neroli oil encourages cell regeneration. This property makes it useful in the treatment of scars and stretch marks. Neroli oil is used as one of the ingredients for making eye creams to assist in lowering the appearance of damaged capillaries that usually manifest themselves like eye bags. In addition, neroli assists in promoting proper blood circulation in the skin, giving it a youthful feel and look.

2. Aromatherapy uses

Neroli oil has beneficial uses in aromatherapy and thus you should consider using neroli oil into your hot bath or massage oil. The aroma of this oil creates a soothing and calming effect on your moods and assists to enhance your nervous system. This helps in relaxing both the mind and body. Some people have experienced relief from anxiety, shock and depression after inhaling neroli oil.

3. Treats digestive problems

Neroli oil supplements or tea can be orally taken for relieving upset stomach caused by intestinal disorders or diarrhea. When topically applied onto the abdominal region, neroli oil can assist in lessening the symptoms of bloating and also menstrual cramping.

4. Aphrodisiac

Those who are looking to regain their sexual desire are advised to use neroli oil. It not only enhances libido and promotes arousals, but it also assists in curing lack of sexual interest, impotence, erectile dysfunctions and frigidity. Neroli use is also thought to boost romantic feelings, which are vital for a good sexual life.

Since there is no sufficient research concerning the use of neroli oil during pregnancy, pregnant and nursing women should avert its consumption.

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