Benefits Of Navy

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Benefits of Navy

Many people are now choosing to join the army due to the various advantages that come with joining the navy. For example, as a member of the navy, you are going to get invaluable training in different technical fields, which is also highly beneficial in the civilian life. The following are other benefits of navy.

1. Financial benefits
One of the major advantages of the navy is that there are quite a number of financial benefits. There are significant tax incentives, comprehensive health care insurance and also retirement income. In the navy, pay is usually dependent upon rank as well as years in service. There are also promotions offered, which depend on time in service and performance. For that reason, enlisted sailors have to earn any increase in rate and pay also.
2. Generous holiday time
Enlisted officers and sailors in the navy enjoy a very generous leave. You can earn about 30 days of paid leave every year. An additional benefit is the fact that if you fail to take all the 30 days in a particular year, the days accumulate and you can take 60 days paid leave the following year.

3. Tax benefits
Most states provide substantial tax benefits to Navy personnel. Apart from that, all service members receive monthly allowances for both food and housing. The food and housing allowances are completely tax-free. Navy personnel are also eligible for a Veterans Affairs loan, which usually provides better qualification requirements and interest rates than you will find as a regular civilian.

4. Great health care program
Nowadays, a good health program is increasingly rare. Skyrocketing coverage premiums and increasing medical costs can make it quite hard to afford good health care. In the Navy, officers and their families are offered world-class health care.

Nevertheless, if you join the navy, it is highly likely that you will require spending a lot of time away from your friends and family.

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