Benefits Of Navy Reserve

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Benefits of Navy Reserve

Serving in the Navy Reserve is an excellent method of learning new skills, pushing your limits and being a key component of your nation’s security and safety. You will meet new people who may end up becoming friends for a lifetime. Learn some of the benefits of Navy Reserve from this article.

1. Promotions and advancements
There are several promotion opportunities for all members of the Navy Reserve. To be qualified for promotion, Navy Reserve officers should be in the active status. Officers suggested for promotion are normally considered morally and professionally by the competent selection board. Simply placing lots of hard work and effort in your Navy Reserve could land you a promotion.

2. Gain new skills
The Navy Reserve provides treasured career skills, which can directly apply to the citizen sector. Navy reservists usually work using the newest technology under lots of pressure. This kind of training is valued by many employers. Whether reservists perform duties like other civilian counterparts, military training normally has a big impact on job success.

3. Educational benefits
The educational benefits offered by the Navy Reserve enable reservists to pursue their education both now and also in the years to come. Reservists who maintain acceptable drill participation and have incurred a 6-year obligation are given close to 35 months of learning assistance. These assistances cover both the post-graduate and undergraduate studies for enlisted members and officers.

4. Extra benefits
Navy Reserve members get allowances and full pay for housing and meals during their annual training every year. There are other extra benefits provided in the Navy Reserve that are not necessarily reflected on the reservists’ pay. They include cheap life insurance choices, leadership training, travel opportunities and health care among others.

A major demerit of being in the Navy reserve is that you cannot quit until you complete your contract, which can be a long time.

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