Benefits Of Natto

Benefits of Natto

Natto is a Japanese dish that is made from the fermentation of soybeans using Bacillus subtilis. Since soybeans are fermented in natto production, they are much simple to digest. This increases the body’s capability of absorbing vital nutrients. Fermented drinks and foods like natto are important additions to any diet since they supply useful probiotics. More advantages of natto intake are listed further down.

1. Vitamin K
Different from most foods that only possess vitamin KI, the consumption of natto provides both kinds of the vital vitamin K. Green vegetables are great sources of vitamin K1, where it makes up close to 90% of the vitamin content. However, vitamin K2 is not produced by plants, but it is normally produced by bacteria. Because natto provides vitamin K2, it benefits post-menopausal women through reducing bone loss. Furthermore, the vitamin K2 provided by natto has better bioavailability in contrast with K1.

2. Immune system benefits
Natto helps to suppress excessive immune system reactions because of the large amounts of polyamine. Another method through which natto benefits the immune function is through providing immune enhancing nutrients. Examples of these immune improving and cancer fighting nutrients include phytoestrogen, isoflavone and selenium.

3. Enhances blood circulation
Frequent natto intake is vital to enhancing your circulation, ensuring that blood is optimally flowing towards the heart. This advantage is due to the amla content of natto, which is used in traditional herbal medicine to provide cardiovascular benefits. Natto consumption also guards against blood clot development, further enhancing blood flow.

4. Prevents osteoporosis
Because vitamin K is also vital for healthy bone formation, eating natto regularly could possibly prevent the development of osteoporosis. Strong bones due to natto intake are also useful to elderly people who have enhanced chances of getting osteoporosis.
The strong and unpleasant smell of natto is its main shortcoming and many people do not like this particular meal because of this reason.

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