Benefits Of Namaz


Benefits Of Namaz

Although prayers to God can be done in any posture, but Allah- the ultimate goal of Islam and Muslims ordered them to offer prayers in certain specific postures, movements and timings. The Islamic way of prayers combines physical movements (Sala Sala’at) with spiritual exercise. Every posture of Namaz brings with it numerous benefits for the health of Muslims. Research done in the field shows that performing Namaz in accurate postures and timings is a natural & automatic approach to keep the body and mind healthy. The many benefits of Namaz are:

1. Beneficial for the brain.
The prostration or Sajda supplies pure oxygenated blood to brain, thus keeping the brain healthy. During Sajda a worshipper touches the forehead along with four other body parts on the ground. These include the touching of soft bone of the tip of the nose, the palms of the hands and the knees pressed on the floor and the toes of the feet bent and pointing towards Kaba. All these things add to the supply of fresh blood to the brain, thus keeping a person healthy.

2. Helps to prevent many diseases.
A common fact is that human beings live in electromagnetic field and are exposed to excessive waves of radiation. These radiations affect the cells and cause various kinds of disruptions. This gives rise to many diseases such as muscles pain, headaches, neck pain, exhaustion, forgetting things and loss of concentration. Regular performance of namaz helps in getting rid of harmful radiations and thus prevents the occurrence of many diseases.

3. Provides strength to the back bone.
During Sajda, the elbows and knees are bent and ankles bear the entire weight and pressure of the body. At the same time the waist and abdominal tissues are held sufficiently tight. All these together make it extremely beneficial for strengthening a person’s back bone and making it flexible.

4. Protects the sense of hearing.
Lots of small blocks surround the brain and are full of air. When a person suffers from flu, clammy liquid gets collected in these blocks. Improper discharge of this fluid increases its quantity and affects a person’s sense of hearing. It also causes severe head ache, throat infection etc. Practice of Sajda, helps in automatic discharge of fluid from these blocks and thus check the occurrence of many diseases.

5. Beneficial for the stomach.
Any kind of disturbance or tension increases the secretion of acids in the stomach. The position of sajda strengthens the nerves of the brain and provides peace to the mind. As a result a limited amount of acid is secreted in the stomach, thus preventing it from ulcers and keeping it healthy.

The positions taken during namaz are extremely beneficial for the health of a person, but care must be taken to follow the exact postures and timings for offering the prayers.

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