Benefits Of Nadi Shodhana

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Benefits of Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana is an easy yoga breathing workout that can be performed anywhere and at any time. It is commonly referred to as alternate breathing since the users require alternating between their two nostrils during performing this workout. Yoga specialists believe that performing nadi shodhana will rejuvenate and clean your important energy channels. Besides that, nadi shodhana has various other advantages as discussed below.

1. Increases respiratory health

Many respiratory diseases normally come about if an individual breathes for extended periods through using one nostril. That is why nadi shodhana was developed so as to correct and prevent respiratory ailments. This exercise clears the blockages present in the nostrils, thereby reestablishing the natural healthy nasal cycle.

2. Asthma relief

Yoga experts believe that persistent breathing through an individual’s left nostril over several years will cause asthma, which is a serious health issue. However, this particular disease may be quickly remedied through teaching the patients how to breathe via their right nostrils till they see some improvements in the asthma. Nadi shodhana not only cures asthma, but it also aids in preventing it from recurring.

3. Better brain function

A healthy nasal cycle usually corresponds with good brain function. Actually, brain activity is greater on the opposite side of the congested nostril. The right part of a person’s brain controls creativity, with the left part controlling verbal activity. This means that an obstruction in your left nostril will lead to an obstruction in the left part of the brain. Performing nadi shodhana is thereby vital for ensuring healthy brain function.

4. Relaxing effects

Nadi shodhana has some powerful relaxing effects that may even help to soothe depression and stress. Besides that, performing this breathing workout calms the brain and promotes clear reasoning.

Even though nadi shodhana has various benefits, there is still no sufficient research for backing up these benefits.

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  1. gautam basak

    December 30, 2014 12:16 am

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I Sri Gautam Basak last 5 years practise yoga prananam ( anulum-vinulum; kapalvati. vastika ; Vramori and other exercise also ; wants to do nadhi sodhan and surya vedi ; is there any precautions required as well ; in nearest no expert is available . so kindly suggest can we do the same after seeing Youtube.

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