Benefits of Music

Benefits of Music

Music has and continues to be a great tool of communication. It has developed very much over the years and it is a source of joy to people. It is essential that you realize that there are other benefits of music other than simple communication of a certain message. Further down are a few examples of the different benefits of music.

1. Inspires creativity

Music stimulates the imagination of a child at a very early age and thus inspires creativity. When a child hears a song about symbolic and familiar things like a favorite food, animal, or color, they begin to visualize it and thus stretch their imagination. This particular exercise sets a good tone for the child’s creativity while providing a great tool for expression.

2. Builds coordination

Each person has an inner rhythm since each heart beats to a rhythm and we also breathe in rhythm. If we get in tune to a rhythm of a certain song, then we usually tap, shout or sway according to the music. For children, this helps them in developing physical coordination.

3. Enhances self awareness

Each culture has its own song or anthem that specifically represents them. Most of these cultures usually develop a unique style and sound that signifies who they are. You can learn a lot about your sense of self and purpose through listening to the music around you.

4. Reduces stress

Emotions that people feel when listening to soothing music can reduce your heart beat and thus ease the tension and stress in your body. The endorphins that our brain releases through music may trigger different emotions such as happiness, bliss, calm and excitement that all cause the reduction of stress.

Music also has its demerits which include damaging the ears. If you listen to very loud music for a very long time, then it is highly likely that you might develop a hearing problem.

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