Benefits Of MultiVitamin

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multivitamin_amBenefits of MultiVitamin

Vitamins are compounds of nitrogen essential for the body. The different kinds of vitamins are vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. Apart from these our body requires other essential nutrients and minerals for its proper functioning. Multivitamins essentially contain all vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential for the body. They are available in the form of supplements and capsules. The quantity of these substances present in multivitamins is in accordance with their daily doses recommended by health experts.
Due to a continuous deterioration in the quality of environment and the food we eat, intake of a balanced diet is just not sufficient to fulfill the body’s needs of essential nutrients and vitamins. It has therefore become imperative to take multivitamin supplements available in the form of syrups and capsules. The benefits associated with them are:

1. Multivitamins prevent growing fetus from malformations.

A good part of nutrition taken by pregnant women is transferred to the developing fetus. It is therefore important that sufficient quantities of multivitamins are taken by them so as to fulfill the needs of the growing baby. This will help to prevent any kind of malformations caused due to vitamin deficiency. Therefore pregnant women are advised to take multivitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy.

2. Help to prevent deficiency diseases.
Deficiency of a particular vitamin in the body is responsible for causing serious deficiency diseases in the body. For e.g. deficiency of vitamin A causes night blindness, deficiency of vitamin E causes skin diseases and so on. Multivitamin supplements should be taken to help prevent various deficiency diseases.

3. Maintains the body health during stress.
Multivitamins help the stressed people in two ways. Firstly they can supplement their body with required quantities of essential vitamins and nutrients. Secondly, the stress formulations help to improve the mental ability and staying power in situations of tension and stress.

4. Prevents the body from other diseases.
Daily intake of multivitamins reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other diseases like cancer.

5. Improve the general health
Multivitamins contain several essential nutrients and different vitamins, the combined effects of which improve the general health and well being of a person. Vitamin E helps in neutralizing harmful agents present the body, helps in maintaining healthy skin and improves the blood circulation in the body. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents the body form the harmful effects of free radicals produced in the body as a result of various oxidation reactions. This results in improved better metabolism, better digestion and a better overall health of the person. Similarly other vitamins and minerals also contribute in some way to maintain the health of a person.

Research and studies have proved that multivitamins are beneficial for improving the health of people of all age groups. But, it is important to consult a health expert to find the multivitamin supplement that your body needs. This is the best health care you can offer to yourself and your family.

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