Benefits Of MSM for Skin

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Benefits of MSM for Skin

Initials for Methyl sulfonyl methane, MSM is a diet ary supplement which is taken for the sole purpose of promoting healthy tissue such as tendons, ligaments and muscles. It is a white, soluble and odorless element and is produced in the tissues of living creatures. Aside from promoting healthy skin, it also promotes healthy nails and hair and also alleviates joint and muscle pains. The following are detailed benefits of MSM on the skin:-

1. Promotes healthy tissue
MSM enables water and nutrients to flow freely into the cells by promoting permeability on the cell walls. This subsequently allows toxins and wastes to flow out and this process enables the body to build healthy tissues which is not possible in the absence of MSM. Along with vitamin C, MSM creates new healthy cells and promotes flexible bonds between them. This is why scarcity of this supplement leads to wrinkles, cracked and dry skin and other problems such as joint issues and hardened arteries.

2. Promotes beauty
The presence of MSM in the body promotes the synthesis of collagen. MSM also contains keratin which is very important in promoting healthy skin, nails and hair. Taking MSM promotes a clear, smooth and youthful skin because the body works overtime to replace old cells and this is well enabled by MSM as it makes body cells permeable. This consequently makes you feel good and look better. MSM helps to block unwanted chemical and physical bonding of collagen which is responsible for aging and rigid skin. This enhances tissue pliability and encourages damaged skin repair.

3. Protects the skin
MSM is responsible for binding foreign proteins, an anti-venom which neutralizes bee stings, snake bites, mosquitoes and flea bites among many other insect bites.
However, using MSM has seen some people experience anxiety attacks. It is therefore advised that starting with small doses will help your body become accustomed.

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