Benefits of MRI

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MRI is an acronym that stands for ‘’magnetic resonance imaging”. It is popularly used in the medical field to provide a clear contrast between muscle tissues, and scan the body’s overall health. It uses radio wave energy and magnetic field to make vivid pictures of structures and organs inside the body that can not be spotted with other imaging equipment like ultra sound and X-ray. Here are the reasons why medical practitioners use MRI machines before performing surgeries.

1. Early detention and high accuracy
The advantages of MRI are unsurpassed, particularly with regards to the patient’s comfort and safety. The parameters can be adjusted for a more comprehensive view of the area which requires scanning. Doctors recommend MRI machine owing to their high accuracy in detection of serious diseases such as tumors and cancer.

2. Spacious and less confining
An MRI machine has a compact and sleek design which makes it less confining and spacious for the patient. The new scanning equipment is extremely helpful to patients who are claustrophobic and those people who might be large in size.

3. Has an improved imaging technology
Open MRI equipment is more powerful as compared to other imaging devices like X-rays and ultrasound. It has an improved imaging technology that renders pictures in 3-D that help doctors to identify the exact condition affecting the patient.

4. Helps to detect abnormalities
MRI demonstrates the ability to detect lesions, abnormalities, diseases and injuries in the spinal cord that might not be spotted with other imaging equipment such as ultrasound and X-ray.

5. It is a non-invasive device
The other advantage of MRI is that it does not cause exposure to radiation, therefore it not only ensures the patient’s safety, but also provides comfort as well.

The MRI scan poses no risk when appropriate guidelines are followed. A nurse or technologist should be present to monitor your signs to minimize any risks.

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