Benefits Of Motherwort

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Benefits of Motherwort

Motherwort, also known as lion’s tail has been utilized for treating depression and heart disease for a very long time. In herbal Chinese medicine, practitioners recommend motherwort to encourage longevity and also treat menstrual complications. Nowadays, motherwort continues to be used for treating anxiety, heart palpitations and also for offering other benefits.

1. Relaxing effects

Motherwort intake has useful effects on an individual’s nerves and it helps sedate them. This is important during times of despair or sadness. The relaxing effect of motherwort also extends to the various muscles in the body such as the heart. Furthermore, the introduction of motherwort tea into your diet aids to treat hypertension caused by depression. Since motherwort also has powerful tranquilizing properties, it may improve mood and happiness.

2. alleviates menstrual complications

Women can ease their menstrual complications through using motherwort. Clinical herbalists commonly prescribe motherwort for common menstrual complaints like anxiety, cramps, digestive disturbances and mood swings. The natural diuretic effect of motherwort may also be beneficial in alleviating bloating during the monthly cycle.

3. Eases childbirth

Pregnant women are given motherwort in either tea or solution form during the last several days of their pregnancies. Motherwort helps ease the woman’s worried mind as they make huge life changes like childbirth. Apart from eliminating the anxiety associated with childbirth, motherwort tea also relives painful cramps during labor.

4. Reduces menopause symptoms

Studies show motherwort’s effectiveness in lowering symptoms of menopause in women. This herb is usually combined with other beneficial herbs like black cohosh in order to offer this particular health benefit. Consuming motherwort tea is therefore beneficial for alleviating hot flashes as well as calming irritability due to menopause.

Taking motherwort in excess might cause drowsiness and it also leads to enhanced sensitivity to both artificial and natural sunlight for certain individuals. Sunscreen ought to be applied immediately after taking motherwort.

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