Benefits of Moldavite

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Benefits of Moldavite

Moldavite is a highly prized healing crystal and many tales about its healing attributes have been shared for a very long time. In the past, this stone of high vibration and intense frequency was believed to bring realization of wishes and good luck. Moldavite is actually credited with countless powerful life transformations.

1. Releases energy blockages

Moldavite helps to release energy blockages from the entire body on both the physical and emotional levels. It usually affects all chakras, but it has a major effect on a person’s heart, crown chakras and third eye. ‘ People usually experience a warm sensation rushing throughout the body whenever they are around moldavite. This effect varies from one person to next, but it normally happens eventually after regular moldavite use.

2. Promotes healing

Anyone fascinated by crystal healing ought to incorporate moldavite into their collection. This is because this moldavite crystal promotes great life changes and rapid healing. In fact, moldavite crystals are considered beneficial for dealing with environmental issues. This crystal is also a good option for healing diseases that do not respond to conventional treatments. Moldavite can offer healing from ills like asthma and other illnesses associated with pollution. Moreover, those attempting to stop smoking are advised to start wearing moldavite.

3. Enhances meditation effect

One way you can enhance your meditation effects is by wearing moldavite during your session. ‘ This stone enhances your psychic power and it can develop new psychic abilities. This is a great way to develop your intuition. Many people find that after they start wearing moldavite, their abilities change and expand. A common result from moldavite use is helping you make better contact with your true self.

In short, moldavite is beneficial and the changes that it brings about can be rapid and intense, but they are valuable and significant to the person.

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