Benefits Of Miswak

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Benefits of Miswak

Before civilization, there were no toothbrushes – so man needed to find a way for cleaning teeth. This is how miswak came about, and is still popular among many. In fact, studies show that miswak is effective than your usual toothpaste. On the other hand, Muslims use it as it has religious significance. Read and learn the many benefits of using miswak, as compared to toothpaste.

1. Effective anti-bacterial

Today, many people prefer miswak to toothpaste as it is believed to have anti-bacterial effects, by destroying gum diseases responsible for the formation of bacteria. Therefore, regular use of miswak helps to keep your teeth safe and healthy, as it kills bacterial that cause tooth decay.

2. Fight dental caries

Besides preventing tooth decay, miswak also eliminates bad odor and freshens your mouth. It has a natural fragrance, therefore regular use is recommended as it keeps your mouth smelling good. Moreover, it acts as a dental floss and helps clean your teeth thoroughly thus prevent accumulation of food particles in between the teeth.

3. Prevents dry mouth

Miswak also helps to increase saliva and thus prevent dry mouth. In fact, studies show that it is more effective than mint. On the other hand, you can use it to treat gingivitis.

4. Eliminates toothaches

In addition to preventing periodontal disease and eliminating bad breath, miswak also helps to inhibit development of tooth decay. Furthermore, it helps to improve your sense of taste, as well as eliminating toothaches.

5. Curing headaches

Supposed benefits away from improving health include curing headaches, sharpening memory, treating digestive disorders and improving eyesight. However, these claims are yet to be proven scientifically.

Even though there are no side effects of using miswak to improve dental health, you should use it in a proper manner to prevent bruising the teeth, or gums for that matter.

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