Benefits Of Mercury

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Benefits of Mercury

Mercury is an important element that has several uses and advantages for humans. It is used in mining gold, filling teeth and also facilitating experiments in modern physics and chemistry. It also improves our lives when used in other uses that range from electrical switches to fluorescent tubes and household thermometers. Here are key mercury benefits.

1. Dental amalgam production
When mixed with two metals like tin and silver, mercury helps create a useful alloy known as an amalgam. This can either be a liquid solution or a solid. Dentists typically use amalgams made from mercury and silver for filling cavities. Repeated researches since the early 1990s have established that these dental fillings are harmless for both children and adults. Actually, the FDA assents mercury use in amalgam production and subsequent dental fillings.

2. Better thermometer gauge.
Due to temperature sensitivity, non-wetting and good visibility, mercury is normally a very precise temperature gauge. In contrast, alcohol thermometers usually have a reduced conductivity and they wet the device’s walls. This makes the thermometer display the outcomes less accurately and more slowly. Furthermore, mercury is the best thermometer gauge as it is much more resilient under duress.

3. Lamp making
Sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps utilize mercury for creating source of light. These mercury lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors. Fluorescent lamps comprise of mercury vapor, which produces a bright light once electric current is passed through it. Many people use fluorescent lamps because they are energy efficient.

4. Barometers
A barometer is an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure. Weather forecaster normally uses barometers for detecting alterations in air pressure, indicating the weather is going to change. Barometers are filled with some mercury, which is responsible for reacting to air pressure.

Nevertheless, if mercury vapor is inhaled it can damage a person’s nervous system. Caution should be observed when dealing with mercury.

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  1. Nevada Smith

    October 24, 2015 3:28 pm

    Anyone who really believes putting mercury in your teeth is beneficial is STUPID.

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