Benefits Of Mentoring

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Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring is the relationship where a more experienced and wiser person assists other people to learn and grow. Because humans have existed in social clusters, we learnt our values, behaviors and norms through the coaching and example of others. Read on to find out the benefits of mentoring.

1. Increases motivation
Mentoring can assist to enhance the motivation of all the people involved in the process. The mentee usually gains a beneficial perspective or new direction, with the mentor feeling a great sense of accomplishment when their mentees succeed. It also prompts career development as it motivates the people to realize their potential.

2. Develops communication skills
Aside from developing communication skills, mentoring also helps to develop the obvious questioning and listening skills. These skills are attained from interacting with an older or younger colleague. Communication skills are vital as they will assist people interact better with their own immediate colleagues in the university or at work.

3. Offers new insight
The people being mentored normally gain an invaluable insight that goes beyond their experience and education. Through mentoring, you can provide yourself a better competitive edge. With the guidance and support of a mentor, you can get important tips and advice to fully attain your potential.

4. Flexibility
The mentees normally discuss with their specific mentors to come up with schedules so as to work in the available time. Actually, as a mentee, you have the opportunity of choosing the learning objectives. This means you are in control of the mentoring process, enhancing the chances of success.

5. New ideas
When employees in the mentoring process receive support and encouragement, they can bring new ideas. Mentoring usually challenges people to utilize their talents and also share expertise.
The mentoring process promotes staff retention and career development. All businesses should thus incorporate mentoring into their management techniques as it is very beneficial.

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