Benefits Of Members of Congress

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Benefits of Members of Congress

Members of Congress have lots of responsibility in how the American government functions. As such, these representatives and senators are provided certain privileges and benefits. These are very many and range from health care and compensation to extensive protection. More are listed here.

1. Health care
Similar to other government workers, every member of Congress is provided a piece of the FEHBP plan, which means Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. This is essentially the biggest employer-sponsored coverage plan in the whole country. It offers members approximately 300 health plans to select from.

2. Legal benefits
Even though Congress members are still subjected to similar laws as other citizens, they do get certain legal exceptions while they are in service like legislatures. For instance, these members cannot be even arrested by the police as they travel to sessions. Moreover, members also cannot face legal ramifications when they utter words during a free debate.

3. Salary
Congress members receive a significant yearly salary of $174,000. Congressional leaders like the minority and majority leaders of both Senate and also House of Representatives get approximately $193,000 per year. The best paid Congress member is the Speaker who receives a staggering $235,500 every year.

4. Retirement benefits
The other notable benefit offered to each Congress Member is retirement benefits. This is only given when these members have served for the required amount of years. Members are only eligible for pensions when they reach 62 years, provided they have served earlier for 5 years. Also, members who served for more than 20 years can get pensions at age 50. By law, the pension received by these members cannot go beyond 80% of the total salary.

Besides these many advantages of being a Member of Congress, you also get the prestige that is associated with this position.

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