Benefits of Meiosis


Benefits of Meiosis

Meiosis is a type of cell division that is present in organisms that are able to reproduce sexually. ‘ In the case of human beings for example, when an egg cell from a female is fertilized by the sperm cell from a male, this particular union of cells will go through a process called meiosis, wherein the cells will divide with half of the contents a duplicate copy of the parent cell while the remaining half will be newly formed cells. ‘ The following are said to be the benefits of meiosis:

1. New Cell Generation

The chromosomes created during meiosis are composed of 50% copies of the parent cell and 50% new cells. ‘ These new cells are produced during the cross-over stages of the cell division process. ‘ During this stage half of the genetic material from the parent cell is copied into the new cells, with the other half having distinct properties and characteristics.

2. DNA Replication

The process of meiosis involves copying or replication of genetic material from the parent cell into the new cells. ‘ As much as half of the genetic properties of the parent cell are copied into the newly-created cells. ‘ When applied to humans for example, DNA from both parents will partly be copied onto the cells of their offspring. ‘ When DNA is copied or replicated, the offspring will also have similar qualities with either or both of his/her parents.

3. Genetic Variation

With meiosis, only half of the genetic material is replicated into the new cells. ‘ This simply means that the remaining half will be composed of unique genetic properties making each cell different from the other. ‘ Through this process, humans for example will all have different genetic material and structure.

With the process involved in meiosis, humans are able to reproduce similar yet distinct offspring. ‘ The whole process basically explains the fact that babies may share some genetic traits from their parents but they will also have unique sets of personalities because of their unique genetic composition.

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  1. Deano

    March 14, 2015 7:17 pm

    This is good information but needs to explain what specific advantages of meiosis is and it would be good to have a contrast to mitosis

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