Benefits Of MDF

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Benefits of MDF

Medium density fiberboard is popularly used for molding and cabinetry, since it is uniform, and smoother. It is glued with pressure and heat, hence is not affected by change in temperature as compared to plywood. MDF doesn’t swell or warp when applied in areas of high-humidity such as bathroom cabinets.
1. It is flat and dense
Medium density fiberboard is made of fine particles and hence its surface grain is not affected by paint. MDF also produces a smooth surface when painted, and can be drilled, cut, filed and machined without damaging its surfaces. Varnishes and oil paints might also be applied on medium density fiberboard. MDF is dwelled together to ensure the joints are evenly cut.
2. It is versatile
Builders use medium density fiberboards in many applications, like in shelving, decorative molding, doors, furniture, and laminate flooring. They value this type of wood since it has good qualities in heat and sound. In addition, you can either choose to use nail, glue, screws, staple, or simply attach it with dowels.
3. Eco-friendly
Reconstituted wood products such as MDF are usually covered in laminate or veneer. Real wood or vinyl has thin layers that disguise the cloak the MDF along the edges. Most people prefer to use MDF as opposed to plywood because it is eco-friendly. This certainly increases its popularity among homeowners, since it uses leftover materials that would have been dumped. In fact, many lumberyards and home improvement facilities stock MDF in sheets.
4. Affordable
Medium density fiberboard is made from wood and then compacted together with glue. It provides longevity and has smooth surface to facilitate the application of laminates, varnishes, and oil paints. Furthermore, consumers also benefit from reduced cost as compared to plywood.
MDF contains formaldehyde that poses serious health risks, especially during sanding and cutting. Urea formaldehyde might also cause irritation and swelling of the eyes if you fail to use protective gear.

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  1. Leepshin

    June 11, 2016 12:36 pm

    Doesn’t swell or warp in areas of high humidity?! RUBBISH!! It does both which is why bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets and worktops never last very long. The minute mdf gets a drop of water on it be it a spilt beverage or condensation from steam, that’s it, it’s pretty much fkd. Anyone who says mdf has advantages is an absolute idiot. It doesn’t take nails very well and screws just chew it up. It’s cheap nasty rubbish and they should just stop manufacturing it until such a time as they can drastically improve it so you CAN nail stuff to it, so it WON’T swell and crumble like wood pellet cat litter and DOESN’T get chewed up by screws.

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