Benefits of MCTS

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Benefits of MCTS

MCTS certification proves that a person can not only implement and troubleshoot a certain Microsoft technology, but also debug it. The MCTS certification offers great benefits that include becoming more competitive and skilled as well as working more efficiently and smarter.

1. Competitive benefit

All Microsoft Certifications like MCTS offer industry-wide acknowledgment of your proficiency and knowledge. This offers a great competitive edge whenever you are looking for a job, salary raise or bids and contracts. Employers always want to work with certified individuals and getting the MCTS certification is one way of ensuring you get the best position in a company.

2. Improves project deployment

In general, the degree of skill of a certain team is accountable for how a company performs in various important IT functional sectors. 75% of managers say that certifications from recognized companies like Microsoft are essential to overall team performance. If all team members are MCTS certified, then work will be done efficiently and without errors.

3. Increases profit

Individuals who have received MCTS certifications are normally more productive and confident. In effect, such employees will offer a better utilization of IT resources in a company. This translates to more effective and highly secure solutions that eliminate risk and save time. All these are factors that lower production costs and boost profits.

4. Boost team productivity and performance

Most hiring managers opt to hire certified people as they are more accomplished and productive as compared to non-certified people. The simple fact that you took time to take your MCTS certification means that you will be capable of performing at a greater level than other people. When certified people are introduced in a company, the overall productivity is bound to increase.

Lastly, Microsoft is a popular company that has widely use products and MCTS certification shows expertise on these Microsoft technologies and products.

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