Benefits of MCT Oil

Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT is Medium-chain triglyceride and it defined as medium or short length fatty acids with about twelve carbon atoms. The MCTs are quickly adsorbed and used by the body. Major sources of MCT oil include palm oil as well as coconut oil. The quick absorption and digestion of MCT oil leads to various health and physical benefits.

1. Enhances the immune system

The MCT oil is quite beneficial for ensuring proper health of the immune system, including providing assistance to certain illnesses. The easy absorption of MCT oil assists to guard against inflammatory bowel diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. This oil kills all the microorganisms that invade the body and cause chronic inflammation of the intestines.

2. Diabetes

One of the vital benefits of MCT oil is that it balances out the levels of blood sugar. This is very useful for people with diabetes since it assists to sustain energy, which controls sugar levels. Aside from that, MCT oil promotes proper thyroid function through enhancing the metabolism. It is also used in the treatment of obesity, mal-absorption and cystic fibroids.

3. Boosts energy

MCT oil enhances a person’s energy without causing any of the side effects that other stimulants usually bring about. This is because this particular oil goes directly to the liver and thus provides instant energy without increasing the intake of food. This type of energy is great for both bodybuilders and athletes since it provides a significant calorie increase.

4. Increases endurance

MCT oil increases cellular energy and therefore it increases physical endurance as well. MCT oil can spare glucose and thus assists your glycogen stores to last longer, which delays fatigue.

Until your body adjusts to the use of MCT oil, it can cause uncomfortable stomach cramps. If you have a history of liver complications, then you are advised to steer away from MCT oil.

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