Benefits of Mauritius Company Formation

Benefits of Mauritius Company Formation

In recent years, Mauritius has become a very attractive location for doing business. ‘ Many companies in the US set up their business in this beautiful country for the various advantages it offers. ‘ Setting up a company in Mauritius specifically provides the following benefits:

1. Lower Operations Cost

The cost of labor in this country is much lower when compared to that in the US. ‘ This simply means that a particular company will be able to operate and do the same business at much lower costs. ‘ Other factors that could contribute to decrease cost in operations include lower building rentals and maintenance, cheaper licensing requirements, and supplies at reduced or minimal prices. ‘ Whether one registers as a resident or offshore company, businesses can be maintained at a lower cost.

2. ‘ Easy company setup

Mauritius ranks among the world’s easiest countries to deal with when it comes to setting up a business. ‘ Based on different surveys, company registration especially for start-ups is made simple and quick. ‘ The cost of a company startup and the minimum capital required is also low making Mauritius a popular business destination by choice.

3. Tax Efficiency

As with many other companies in the world, one big concern relates to taxes. ‘ But with registered resident companies in Mauritius, they will enjoy several double tax treaties with other countries. ‘ These treaties will simply translate to lower overhead expenses favoring businesses in the two countries that hold the same tax treaty.

4. Full Company Ownership

Companies that are registered as offshore or non-resident can be fully owned without having to hire a local as nominee. ‘ Full ownership of these companies also entitle them to high levels of privacy and no government requirements in terms of their accounting activities which can translate to reduced maintenance of the business.

Overall, setting up a company in Mauritius is made simple and easy with easy registration steps and minimal capitalization required. ‘ Businesses may also thrive in this country because of lower costs in terms of labor, operations, and maintenance.

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