Benefits of Mauby

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Benefits of Mauby

Mauby is a popular drink or syrup in the Caribbean region. ‘ It is famous for its very distinct flavor and bitter aftertaste. Most of it is available in syrup form and from which it can be mixed with water, cola, and other drinks. ‘ There are also ready-to-drink Mauby tea bottles that are usually chilled. ‘ Some people prefer Mauby syrup in hot water similar to tea, while others prefer them in sweetened chilled bottles. ‘ The main ingredients of Mauby include the bark of a tree, sugar, and other spices for flavoring. ‘ Since Mauby is sourced from the bark of a tree and may contain some fruit and/or vegetable components, it is said to provide health benefits which may include the following:

1. Lower cholesterol levels

Mauby syrup or tea is sometimes marketed as a health drink because it is said to lower cholesterol levels. ‘ Whether one consumes the syrup and mixes it with other drinks or buys it in tea bottles, Mauby will provide the same benefit as long as the consumption is regular. ‘ Lower cholesterol levels have also benefited people who have high blood pressure and other heart-related concerns.

2. ‘ Aid for arthritis

People with arthritis typically have pain or swelling in the various joints of the body. ‘ Regular Mauby tea consumption is said to help alleviate some pain and reduce swelling that is due to an arthritic condition.

3. Vitamin and mineral content

Mauby syrup is often mixed with other fruit juices and other fruit-based ingredients making it even healthier. ‘ Mauby mixed with orange juice for example will be rich in Vitamin C.

Although the health claims of the Mauby drink is mostly unverified by lab tests and research, it is still very popular in many Caribbean island countries. ‘ Some people love it for its unique bitter taste while others consume it for its various health benefits to the body.

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