Benefits Of Massage

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Benefits Of Massage

Physical and mental work throughout the day makes the body tired and the mind stressed. The mind and body are not motorized objects but are reflexive and responsive elements of life. The human mind is capable of energizing and rejuvenating the exhausted body. The brain has energy centers that work in a proper manner only when the body is relaxed. Massage helps in relaxing the body, and improves the functioning of the mind. Regular massage has lot of physical and emotional benefits for individuals.

1.Increases oxygen intake.
Reduced oxygen circulation causes headaches, muscle pain, tension aches that build up complications over time. Massage initiates deep breathing, which in turn increases the intake and circulation of oxygen inside the body. As a result healing of damaged cells and growth takes place. Enhanced oxygen intake, promotes the release of harmful toxic products from the bodyÂ’ naturally.
2.Improves blood circulation
Massage helps in improvement of blood as well as lymph circulation in the body. This is especially important during winters when blood circulation and body metabolism is slow. Improved blood circulation increases body strength and energy levels. It also helps in muscle growth and recovery.
3.Relief from diseases
Massage provides relief from various diseases like high blood pressure, asthma, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and helps in easing problems related with pregnancy.

4.Improves the functioning of joints.
Recurring stress on joints results in stunted growth and future problems Massage relieves stress and tension in the joints and improves flexibility of joints after rest.

5.Massage helps in easing anxiety
Massage is a natural relaxant and helpful in reducing anxiety. Generally, anxiety is accumulated in areas like abdomen, shoulders, the lower back, and neck. Massage relieves the tension and anxiety in these areas and help the mind experience a light, freeing sensation.

6.Improves serenity of mind.
Massage provides serenity and peace to the mind.

7.Satisfies the need for touch.
As living beings, we all need to feel the touch of other human beings. Massage helps in satisfying this need.

8.Helps in improving posture.
Massage can help in increasing the posture in a slow and subtle manner. Massage helps in the gradual improvement in the flexibility of muscles around the spine.

9.General feeling of well being.
Massage also stimulates the discharge of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are chemical substances discharged by the brain. They help in relieving pain and induce excitement in an individual. Massage increases the feeling of pleasure and helps in the release of endorphins into the body.

Massage helps in rewiring of the brain and heals the complete body. Its significance to human body and mind cannot be compared to any medicine manufactured by numerous pharmaceutical companies. So massage should be incorporated as a part of life and get benefitted by the numerous benefits that it offers to us.

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