Benefits of lyocell

Benefits of lyocell

Lyocell refers to a type of fabric that is made from the cellulose of previously-treated wood pulp. ‘ With its natural origins and chemical processing, some people classify lyocell fabric as somewhere in between natural fibers and synthetic fibers. ‘ Lyocell fabric is also commonly referred to “Tencel” fabric, but the latter is actually the brand name of this particular fabric classification. ‘ Lyocell is a popular fabric because of the way it is processed and because of the following benefits:

1. ‘ Durability

Regardless if the fabric is wet or dry, lyocell provides a very high tensile strength. ‘ This means that this fabric is able to last for long periods of time even if used frequently.

2. High absorbency

With the cellulose from wood pulp as its main component, lyocell is also highly absorbent just like its natural fiber counterparts like cotton for example. ‘ This benefit also makes lyocell fabric very comfortable to wear.

3. Filtration capability

Lyocell fibers can be refined in such a way that mechanical binding is possible despite the high surface area. ‘ This refinement will then allow the use of lyocell in papers or materials that require filtration like those that are used to be in contact with food items.

4. Biodegradability

The best thing about lyocell fabric is that it is biodegradable. ‘ Made from wood pulp or cellulose, lyocell is able to completely decay naturally into carbon dioxide and water. ‘ Most of the chemicals used in processing lyocell are also said to be recyclable making this particular fabric a good choice for people who are particular with environmental protection and safety.

With its various benefits and characteristics, lyocell has become a popular choice in making fabrics and other specialty products like electrical papers, cigarette filters, and battery separators among many others. ‘ Many people also market it as an organic product because of its biodegradability and environment-friendly reputation.

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