Benefits Of Lye Soap

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Benefits of Lye Soap

Lye soap is made from a caustic agent, therefore it was important to use the right concentration to avoid skin irritation. It is also important to use the right mixture of fragrance to facilitate hardening. Some of the common fragrances used to make the soap include natural oils like coconut, jojoba and aloe.

1. Soothes against insect bites
Lye soap contains natural oils that help alleviate the itching and inflammation caused by insect bites. Many enjoy the homemade soap simply because it was used by their grandparents years ago.

2. Alleviates stomach problems
Lye soap also provides relief from stomach problems such as acid reflux. Dissolve it in warm water and consume in on a regular basis to eradicate stomach ache and digestion problems once and for all.

3. Moisturizes the skin
Lye soap can also do wonders for your skin especially if you desire to retain that youthful complexion. It acts as a moisturizer, eradicating unsightly facial features, blackheads, and sagging cheeks. So, make sure you use lye soap regularly if you desire to keep the signs of aging at bay.

4. Great for acne
Want to eradicate skin blemishes once and for all? Well, lye soap not only moisturizes your skin but also work for all type of skin problems. However, it is neither an antibiotic nor does it contain antibacterial properties, but it does exterminate them, leaving your skin smooth and fair.

5. Affordable
Lye soap typically costs $10, which is expensive. Instead, you should make your own soap and cut down on the cost. Additionally, homemade soap is free from harsh chemicals that may affect your skin. Creating your own homemade soap will help you avoid these harsh chemicals.
Although homemade lye soap has a wide range of benefits, it is time consuming since you have to get all the ingredients.

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  1. Emily Summer

    March 17, 2012 11:17 pm

    All soap is made with lye. All. No lye, no soap.

    Never ingest any kind of soap… is NOT good for the stomach.

    Coconut oil is not a fragrance, it is a fixed oil.

    Jojoba is a wax, although liquid and not a fragrance

    Aloe is not an oil but the juice from aloe plant…also not a fragrance.

    Lye soap only acts as a moisturizer depending on what oils are used to make it. Too much coconut oil is drying.

    Whoever wrote this article did not know what he was talking about.

    Total misinformation.

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