Benefits of Low Dose Aspirin

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Benefits of Low Dose Aspirin

Low dose aspirin, also called baby aspirin typically contains 80mg of the main acid ingredient. This acid functions through preventing the action of Cox-2 enzymes. These enzymes are the ones responsible for prostaglandins production, which are the hormones that cause pain within the body.

1. Improve fertility

Taking low dose aspirin helps increase blood circulation to the female uterus. This causes the uterus lining to become healthier and thus ensures successful baby implantation. Other studies indicate that taking this particular aspirin enhances activity within the ovaries. This gives them the capability of producing multiple eggs during ovulation. For those who are currently experiencing fertility issues, then you should ask for low dose aspirin.

2. Thins blood

One lesser known benefit of low dose aspirin is that it helps thin blood. This effect prevents issues related to blood clots such as miscarriages. Taking aspirin in low doses makes platelets less stickier, thus allowing better blood circulation to the fetus via the placenta. In general, low dose aspirin is recommended to be ingested together with anticoagulant medications.

3. Prevents ageing

Many studies now show that low dose aspirin use prevents ageing, particularly through reducing the development of wrinkles. The blood thinning properties of aspirin contribute to the strong anti-ageing effects that it has within the body.

4. Relieves pain

Taking low dose aspirin helps relieve pain, particularly in individuals who are susceptible to heart complications. Such people are expected to take low dose aspirin regularly to prevent heart problems since it inhibits the development of certain hormones that cause pain within the body.

Nevertheless, low dose aspirin use also has its disadvantages. It is not healthy for patients who are dealing with bleeding issues, since it may enhance the bleeding rate and cause the loss of lots of blood. It can also set off peptic ulcers.

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