Benefits Of Loving

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Benefits of Loving

Love is the emotional attachment and personal relationship between friends, partners and family members. Although some folks avoid love due to prior losses or experiences, most people welcome love as it brings companionship and joy to our lives. We all have varied reasons of loving one another, for instance love provides an emotional connection, health benefits, spiritual guidance, as well as reproduction and companionship.

1. Health benefits
Loving someone offer health benefits and emotional happiness. Feeling loved or loving others can help lower you chance of chronic disease and heart failure. A healthy relationship (both marriage and family) reduce stress, provide companionship and financial security, leading to better life choices.

2. Reduces stress
Loving another person is great way of alleviating stress levels. In couples, DHEA hormone produced by the adrenal glands help to reduce stress. A relationship relieves negative energy and eliminates tension, improving your health and general well-being. Additionally, support from your family can help you overcome stressful challenges.

3. Improves circulation
Studies show that chatting with someone attractive makes your heart pound faster by sending impulses to your brain. This in turn improves oxygen circulation throughout the body, as well as blood distribution to all organs.

4. Lowers high blood pressure
Research on Behavioral Medicine showed that happily married couples have healthy blood pressure than those who are unhappily married or single. On the other hand, unmarried folks with a cohesive social network had healthy blood pressure.

5. Boosts mental health
Love also has a calming effect on the mind and helps to improve nerve function. It helps to restore nerve function which in turn improves memory recall. Furthermore, it helps to relieve pain as it controls brain function. A study done on married adults established that couples were less vulnerable to back pain and headaches.
Love is a two way traffic which means you have to show love to others in order to receive love and compassion from others.

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