Benefits of louvered doors

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Benefits of louvered doors

Louvered doors are typically installed on closets but may also be used for standard doorways and rooms. ‘ They provide a great alternative for the more generic door design. ‘ For people who want to have a different and more modern look for their closet doors for example, louvered doors are great design options. ‘ Installing louvered doors can give many advantages and benefits including the following:

1. ‘ Elegant design

Louver design in doors gives them some elegance in terms of look and style. ‘ This is especially true for homeowners that prefer to have a different and a more upscale look of their closet doors. ‘ With the standard row of wooden or plastic slats, an ordinary closet door will be transformed into something new and stylish.

2. ‘ Ventilation

The main purpose of the door slats in louvered doors is to allow air to pass through them giving some form of ventilation to the inside of the closet. ‘ With some air getting through, items in the closet will literally have some air to breathe and not be too warm. ‘ Very warm temperatures for example may cause damage to some items in a particular closet. ‘ For walk-in closets meanwhile, louvered doors will also mean more comfort for the homeowner as he/she browses through items inside their changing rooms.

3. Versatility

Many styles of louvered doors can now be bought at various hardware and home-improvement shops. ‘ Traditional designs may be in the form of bi-fold or multi-fold structures. ‘ For an ultra modern look and for restricted spaces, there are also sliding type louvered doors. ‘ There are also louver type doors with adjustable rows of slats. ‘ In this way, people can manage the airflow while still maintaining some privacy. ‘ With these many options, homeowners won’t have difficulty finding the right choice for their spaces.

Most louvered doors are made of wood but various variants now can be bought in PVC or plastic material. ‘ Whatever the material preference is, people can have them retain their original finish or paint them to include in the overall design and look of a particular room or closet space.

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