Benefits Of Losing Ten Pounds

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Benefits of Losing Ten Pounds

Losing weight has numerous advantages especially with regards to combating common health complication such as heart attack, and diabetes to mention but a few. Excess weight is often associated with chronic diseases and premature death in suffers. Here are the top benefits of losing ten pounds.
1. Reduce the risk of hypertension and heart diseases
The risk of heart disease, including congestive heart complications, heart attack, sudden cardiac failure, abnormal breathing and angina, is prevalent in people with weight problems. Furthermore, hypertension, or high blood pressure is common in obese adults than those who perform physical exercises. Losing 10 pounds lowers the risk of developing heart diseases and stroke.
2. Diabetes
According to recent studies, diabetes is closely associated to weight gain. In fact, studies show a link between diabetes and overweight. You can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by engaging in physical activity. Weight loss goes along way in preventing diabetes in individuals who understand the importance of incorporating exercises in their daily regimen.
3. Cancer.
Research indicates that obesity is also associated with cancers of the colon, kidney, prostrate, gallbladder and breast cancer. Women who are obese at the age of 18 are at risk of breast cancer as compared to those who lose 10 pounds. Maintaining your weight through exercises might decrease the risk of cancers.
4. Arthritis
Excess weight may cause arthritis and also increases the risk of gallbladder disease, and surgical problems. Arthritis is closely associated to overweight and might increase surgical risk. With that in mind, make sure you engage in physical exercises to lose weight.
5. Sleep apnea.
Lack of sleep is a common problem in obese individuals. Studies indicate that one may improve symptoms of insomnia through weight loss.
Most people agree that weight loss is beneficial to one’s overall health, especially when it comes to combating health complications such as heart attack.

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