Benefits Of Logging

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Benefits of Logging

Logging refers to the business or work of cutting trees for timber. The profession of logging has many benefits to the people who work in the logging industry and also the environment. The following are some of the key advantages of logging.

1. Provides essential materials
Logging is a very important practice since it is the main source of timber that is used for many human needs such as providing construction materials, fuel for industries and homes as well as clearing land for development. Timber is also used as a raw material in certain industries and thus logging is required in order to acquire this raw material.

2. Reduces risk of forest fires
Another benefit of logging is the fact that it helps in reducing the occurrence of forest fires. Since logging involves cutting trees, then it is highly likely that any fire started by a natural cause such as lightning will not spread quickly. This action could possibly save many lives in the process. As a result of logging, it will be easier to undertake various forest management functions like the removal of litter. This is highly beneficial since it decreases the intensity of any future fires through reducing the fuel load.

3. Encourages new plant growth
The activity of logging opens up the forest and encourages the growth and development of new plants and trees. In fact, logging only favors succession of plants and trees that are adapted to the ecosystem, usually doing away with non-native species that could possibly take over a certain habitat. Logging also clears old growth and trees giving other plants a good opportunity to mature.
If it is not well managed, logging can have detrimental impacts on the environment. It basically removes habitats used by different wild animals like birds that make use of trees for cover and food.

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