Benefits Of Lobster

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Benefits of Lobster

Lobsters are found in most oceans and they live on sandy or bottoms of the ocean. They are normally caught and consumed for their texture and flavor. With a low fat amount and high protein content, lobster is among the most beneficial kinds of meat. Different from a steak, consumption of lobster is perfect for individuals on a limited or no carbohydrate diet . Here are benefits of lobster intake.

1. Prevents health ailments
Lobster assists in averting various health ailments such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Chronic ailments that involve connective tissues, bones, blood vessels and heart are also prevented by regular consumption of lobster meat. The disease preventive advantages are due to the copper content of lobster. The phosphorous found in lobster assists in reducing arthritis pain and promoting proper kidney function as well.

2. Omega 3
Lobster contains significant Omega 3 content, which is useful for both the brain and heart. Similar to consuming other sea foods, it is thought that lobster intake may increase brain activity, boost immune function and also maintain a properly functioning reproductive system. Omega 3 is also vital for health eyes and the production of energy. Moreover the fatty acid content of lobster is easily used in the body as compared to other sources.

3. Nutritious
Lobsters also provide lots of vitamins to the body, including adequate amounts of pantothenic acid, niacin and vitamins E, A and B6. They have trace amounts of folate and vitamin K as well as vitamin B12 that are all vital for healthy bodily functions. Furthermore, lobsters contain several beneficial minerals like phosphorous, potassium and sodium. They have large amounts of magnesium and calcium, with small copper, zinc and selenium amounts.
The disadvantage of eating lobsters, especially the ones having hard shells, is that it is hard to crack the shells.

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