Benefits Of Lobelia

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Benefits of Lobelia
Lobelia is also called Indian tobacco and is a flowering plant usually grown in hanging baskets and window boxes. The lobelia herb that is prepared for commercial uses has a yellow color, with an irritating taste and odor. The following article explains the major uses and advantages of lobelia.

1. Muscle relaxant
Lobelia herb acts like a powerful muscle relaxant, making it useful for treating sprains and back problems. It may be administered like a sedative during childbirth so as to relax the muscles. Actually, lobelia is regarded like the most harmless and powerful relaxant ever discovered. For the best results, the effects of lobelia are enhanced with other stimulating herbs like cayenne or peppermint.

2. Respiratory problems
Lobelia has been used for centuries for treating various respiratory problems such as pneumonia, cough, asthma, congestion and bronchitis. The lobeline found in lobelia assists in improving deep breathing, enabling the oxygen to reach the lungs effectively. Moreover, lobelia use is also linked to improved rates of respiration.

3. Relieves nicotine addiction
People suffering from nicotine addiction are advised to use lobelia to curb their addiction. The active ingredient in this particular herb known as lobeline is very similar to nicotine. It provides a stimulant effect on the nerves and can thus be used as the alternative of nicotine. Smoking withdrawal is also curable using lobelia.

4. Lessens inflammation
Lobelia has various external uses where it is used for reducing inflammation. Actually diseases that cause joint and muscle degeneration and inflammation such as arthritis can be gradually remedied through using lobelia. Topically applying the liquid extract on the affected regions helps to offer this particular benefit.
Nevertheless, lobelia herb should only be ingested with a doctor’s recommendation since it is also regarded as a poison, like nicotine. Large dosages of lobelia can cause convulsions, mental instability and quickened heartbeat.

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