Benefits of LMS

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Benefits of LMS

Incorporating new learning management system, training your administrative staff and creating learning resources online is a big commitment in any teaching organization. So, what are the main benefits? Here are some of the top reasons why you can consider using an LMS in your organization.

1. Minimizes photocopying
Through LMS, learners can get their homework resources and homework assignments online therefore there is no need for lecturers to photocopy the learning materials. Giving learners texts online is not only helpful with regards to minimizing photocopy but also reserves classroom time for productive learning activities.

2. Tutors spend more time teaching and less time on administration

Tutors usually spend most of their time correcting tests, on work book exercises and photocopied assignments that can be marked automatically, which greatly helps to save time. On the other hand, progressive tests done online are convenient since learners can get their results immediately.

3. Learner can easily access missed classes
The added advantage of having accessible resources is that when learners miss their classes, they can immediately find out exactly what they missed. In addition, they also have the opportunity to communicate with their tutors and classmates online incase they have questions.

4. Tutors get to use multimedia to make learning more interactive
For some organizations and schools, interactive whiteboards, language laboratories, computers in every room, video projectors, and so forth are beyond their budgets. However, using multimedia online is easy and cheap and gives learners a wide variety of resource including images, texts, video, and audio that is easily accessible at any time.

5. Learners can easily access their attendance, participation and grades

Learners can access their personal records online at any time and check their participation and progress in their area of study.

It is often challenging in terms of choosing LMSs since you have to take into consideration several factors. First, you need to access the amount of control you have as a designer over the software.

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