Benefits Of Lithium Batteries

Benefits of Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are not only environmental-friendly but are also lightweight. They are used to power hybrid automobiles and last longer than nickel cadmium batteries. Lithium batteries are categorized into two groups: Lithium ion and lithium battery. The main difference between the two is that lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable whereas lithium batteries are not.

1. Long lasting
Lithium batteries typically last longer as compared to other types of batteries. In fact, non-rechargeable batteries can keep their charge for years. On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries keep their charge long enough if you want to use your video camera to shoot several events.

2. Weigh less
Lithium batteries are lighter in weight than their counterparts (nickel cadmium). Additionally, they are compact than nickel cadmium batteries.

3. Environmentally-friendly
Another reason you should consider using lithium batteries is the fact that they are environmental friendly. This is because these batteries do not pose any environmental hazard during production, not to mention they provide more voltage than nickel cadmium batteries. In other words, you only need a few batteries to produce the same voltage as compared to nickel cadmium batteries.

4. Recyclable
Lithium batteries are popular as they are recyclable. So, this means fewer resources are needed to make more batteries. Researchers are now positive that the new lithium battery will power electric automobiles in future. The new technology combines nanotechnology and sulfur to produce a more powerful battery. However, this technology will become available to the public in the next five to ten years.

5. Convenient
Unlike alkaline batteries, lithium ion batteries do well in extreme temperatures above 90 degrees an even in freezing temperatures.
Despite having many perks, lithium batteries pose fire risk when they overheat during transportation. Furthermore, gadgets such as cell phones or laptops can run hot and burn the skin. Since they are small in size with higher voltage, both lithium and lithium ion batteries discharge high current when they short-circuit.

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