Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom

A safe to eat mushroom, lion’s mane mushroom has a great range of benefits. Actually, most traditional practitioners believe that it has valuable properties in providing relief to several cancers and alleviating stomach ailments. Here are more benefits:

1. Aids neurological disorders

Some recent studies show that some compounds in Lion’s mane may have an antioxidant effect that stimulates nerve cells inside the brain. In fact, Alzheimer’s disease patients and various other neurological illnesses can benefit from using this particular mushroom. In certain neurological studies, two active compounds of this mushroom, hericiones and eracines, have shown the potential of stimulating NGF within the brain. NGF is the vital protein required for optimal health of neurons that control various feelings like pain, touch or temperature.

2. Improves cognitive function

In a 2009 study, researchers in Japan tested the effects that lion’s mane had on people with mild and severe cognitive impairment. They found that consuming lion’s mane considerably enhanced cognitive function in the research. In addition, these beneficial effects lasted for one month after stopping its use. Researchers therefore concluded that using lion’s mane as a complementary drug for cognitive impairment would be highly beneficial. This mushroom should be regularly use for ongoing and reliable benefit.

3. Repairs myelin sheaths

Lion’s mane is a beneficial complementary medication for nervous system conditions, particularly where the myelin sheaths found around nerves have been injured. This is more visible in the illness called multiple sclerosis. Lion’s mane shows no toxicity when consumed for this specific purpose and it has a helpful effect on myelin growth. This mushroom stimulates and regulars myelin growth at a considerably faster rate.

In conclusion, lion’s mane can be consumed by most people and it is well-tolerated. However, there are cases of people who experience allergies and asthma after consuming lion’s mane.

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