Benefits Of Light Therapy

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Benefits of Light Therapy

Light therapy is based on the fact that certain light wavelengths have beneficial effects on human beings. For instance, ultraviolet light can eliminate bacteria. Light therapy utilizes the beneficial light properties for creating regiments that may assist alleviate or cure the pain caused by certain ailments. Also called phototherapy, the use of light therapy is commonly utilized to alleviate weather linked depression. More benefits of light therapy are shown below.

1. Non-invasive treatment
Acne removal by a dermatologist can be very painful and thus it is vital to consider other techniques before using invasive treatments. Light therapy offers a suitable replacement for invasive treatment methods that involve the use of syringes and piercing equipment. Due to the advances in the area of light therapy, harmful bacteria that cause acne can be eliminated once the light pierces their cell walls, thereby preventing further acne outbreaks.

2. Relieves depression
Lack of sufficient light and the gray and dull air during winter is a key cause of depression. Through using light therapy, depression disorders can be eliminated. This kind of therapy works by awakening the patient’s brain into believing that winter is already over. This action guards against the intake of anti-depressant drugs during winter periods, which can have adverse effects.

3. Treats skin ailments
Light therapy is much more effective in treating skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis at a quicker pace in contrast with other therapeutics. Shampoos and ointments can take months or even several years to take full effect. This means reduced expenditure on expensive skin products. Furthermore, users of light therapy claim that the light rejuvenates their skin and provides them a glowing and youthful look.

4. Skin tanning
If you do not live close to a beach and you still desire a good tan, then you can utilize ultraviolet light therapy to get a tan. This removes the need to be concerned about overexposing yourself to the harmful sun’s rays.
However, excessive light due to light therapy may result in skin damage since it destroys the content of vitamins C and A present in the skin.

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