Benefits Of Lifting Weights for Women

Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women

Regular physical exercises are important due to their many health benefits. Exercising not only guarantees you of having a healthy life void of diseases, it also enables you to keep your body in shape and fit. Aside from the usual exercises, women also need to lift weights. Their bodies need to ever remain strong because child birth effects and the general responsibilities that a woman has in life. The following are more benefits of lifting weights;

1. Acquiring physical strength
When women lift weights, they become less dependent on others as they are able to carry out chores, lift groceries and kids, and the laundry fear becomes a thing of the past. You will be less likely to get an injury from routine exercise and daily tasks if you increase your maximum strength by lifting weights.

2. Aids in body fat loss
Experience has shown that women who lift weights thrice in a week in two months can lose 3.5 pounds of fat and gain two more pounds of muscle. While the lean muscle increases, your resting metabolism does too and the body is able to burn more calories.

3. Reduces osteoporosis risk
Women who lift weights usually increase the mineral density of their spinal bones which further enhances bone modeling. This together with the right amounts of calcium can be the best defense against osteoporosis in women.

4. Improves athletic performance
Physical training as well as lifting weights increases the athletic ability in women. Whichever sport you major in, lifting weights has been known to improve the overall performance along with reducing the risks of injury. Improving on a particular technique enables one to also reduce injury.
Lifting weights has a drawback too. All people who lift weights are susceptible to getting injuries which may further decrease the body’s flexibility.

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