Benefits Of Life Support

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Benefits of Life Support

Life support refers to using any technique, device or therapy for assisting to sustain life. A machine normally does key functions like kidney function or breathing to keep the patient alive. Life support has many advantages to offer other than increasing lifespan. Learn the life support benefits below.

1. Increases lifespan

Life support fundamentally offers the advantage of increasing a person’s lifespan. This is particularly great for sick people who require the additional time for healing. Once you have successfully healed, then you can be taken off life support.

2. Allows risky procedures

While some medical procedures like invasive surgeries are beneficial, they can be life threatening. However, life support machines encourage the use of such procedures, particularly when necessary. Since the support machine is capable of aiding a patient to continue breathing through the surgery, it therefore reduces risk of death caused by surgery.

3. Boosts rates of recovery

When a person is on life support, new discoveries in the medical field can be made that may benefit him or her. For instance, if a new drug is introduced after you have been placed on life support for some time it can be used to treat your ailment. This action thus enhances the recovery rates for individuals on life support.

4. Benefits immediate family

Life support basically means that the user will have more time with their family. It provides an opportunity for the immediate family members to spend time with the patient. Differences can be resolved during this period and thus people can stay at ease.

5. Benefits police investigations

Sometimes an important witness may be injured and is unable to fully tell police what actually happened. Nevertheless, with life support, such an individual can be given time to recuperate and then talk to the investigators.

It is very imperative to ask your doctor any questions that you might have before opting to put someone on life support.

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