Benefits Of Lemon

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lemonBenefits Of Lemon
Apart from adding flavor to food lemons provide numerous benefits to maintain the health of a person. Lemons are used for enhancing beauty, improving health and providing nutrition to the body. Lemon contains good quantities of vitamin C that is very useful for the body. The many benefits of lemon for our body include:

1.Acts as an antioxidant.
Vitamin C present in lemon is a good antioxidant for the body. It keeps the body away from the negative effect of free radicals that usually harm the body. Thus lemons improve the natural immunity of the body against many infections.

2.Reduces the intensity of heart problems.
Lemons contain rich quantities of mineral potassium. The high potassium content helps I reducing the intensity of heart problems. A mixture of lemon juice in warm water if consumed regularly reduces the blood pressure.

3.Improves digestion.
A mixture of lemon juice in hot water is an excellent liver tonic. It stimulates the liver to produce more bile that helps in the digestion of many kinds of food materials. It is thus used for relieving nausea, heartburn, indigestion and gastric troubles.

4.Improves disorders like constipation.
Regular intake of lemon juice helps to improve bowel function and remove waste from the body. It is thus used to treat problems like constipation.

5.Helps in the treatment of diseases.
Lemon intake aids in dissolving stones in the gall bladder. Lemon juice is used for preventing diseases like osteoarthritis.

6.Dental benefits of lemon.
Lemon helps to cut tarter accumulated on the surface of teeth. It also helps to remove bad odors from diseased gums. Application of lemon on bleeding gums can help to prevent bleeding of gums. It also helps to ease the pain caused due to tooth problems.

7.Benefits to the skin.
Lemon juice when applied on sun burn can help to get away from the burning sensation. It acts as a cooling agent and soothes the skin. Regular use of lemon juice on scars fades them and eventually the scar is removed. Bleaching effects of lemon makes the skin look fairer and shining.

8.Benefits to hair.
Application of lemon juice to hair removes the extra layer of soap form it. It is therefore sued to make the hair shiny. The high quantities of citric acid present in it help to fight excessive oil released from the skin beneath.

Thus lemon not only adds flavor and taste to food but also is highly beneficial to the internal system of the body. Regular sue of lemon on hair and skin makes the person look young. So make use of lemon in your routine and make your skin and hair look healthy.

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