Benefits Of Lemon Grass Tea

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Benefits of Lemon Grass Tea

Native to Nepal and India, lemon grass has a lemony flavor and scent. It is a popular perennial plant believed to have an array of health benefits. The wondrous herb is often used for medicinal purposes as well as food seasoning. It is also used in soaps and perfumes due to its sharp, and is also used to treat stress and insomnia. This article will discuss the benefits of drinking lemon grass tea on a daily basis.

1. Cancer benefits
Recent studies show that lemon grass tea contains beta-carotene –a powerful antioxidant that prevents the onset of cancer. Other studies also suggest that lemon grass extract has the power to treat swelling of the cornea characterized by blurring or burning vision. Researchers say that lemon grass antioxidant properties and the ability to prevent cancerous growth are promising though there is no evidence to support these claims.

2. Boosts immune function
Lemon grass tea also contains both antifungal and antibacterial qualities. However, studies are still at their preliminary stages. Additionally, drinking lemon grass tea early in the morning can detoxify the pancreas, bladder and kidney, as well as the liver.

3. Alleviate gastroenteritis
Drinking lemon grass tea alleviates common digestive disorders such as indigestion, acid reflux and irregular bowel movements. In addition to that, it is a natural remedy to folks suffering from gastroenteritis.

4. Skin benefits
Want to keep premature aging at bay? Well, there is no need of spending your hard earned money on expensive chemical products. Reduce pimples and acne completely by drinking lemon grass tea. In fact, studies now associate drinking lemon grass tea to improved skin tone as it improves elasticity.

While there are no significant side effects of drinking lemon grass tea, it is always advisable to moderate your intake to avert the onset of health complications.

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