Benefits of legalizing weed

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While weed or marijuana is the linchpin of the drug war, the combat against drug all across the world is a blatantly dishonest, highly destructive, extremely expensive, grossly unjust and an abject failure for all our governments.

The war against drugs specially cannabis which is also popularly known as weed, is a vast government scam which pretends to fight against drugs and remains to be perpetually futile all across the global territories.

It is a known fact that despite draconian punishment, despite thousands of prohibition related murders every year, despite jailing millions of nonviolent citizens, illegal drugs are purer, cheaper and more readily available than ever.

Here are a few top reasons which can illustrate as to why weed or marijuana should be legalized all across US and even in other parts of the globe:

Prohibition has failed to eradicate and control the domestic production of weed

Although the US government has tried to use criminal penalties to stop the use of weed for more than 75 years, even then, still today there are approximately 25 million weed users in USA. In fact it has been statistically proven that weed is currently the largest cash crop in the US. So the fanciful idea that weed will soon be eliminated from USA and the rest of the world is too unreal and is all but a part of a ridiculous fantasy.

Medical researches of weed has been thwarted

The prohibition of weed in USA and several other countries across the globe has thwarted the medical researches which were happing on cannabinoids. The discovery of naturally occurring TCH like substances in our body, which activates the so called cannabinoid-receptors in many parts of the human body, has opened a vast possibility of a new medical science, which if weed is legalized is sure to bring new miracles in the frontiers of therapeutic science. There has been several overwhelming evidences that weed can safely relieve nausea, pain and vomiting caused by various terminal diseases.

Stop thousands of prohibition related murders which happens every year

It can be mentioned over here that thousands of people die every year as a direct result of marijuana prohibition in several places across the globe. Mexico, for an example, which is one of the largest suppliers of weed to USA, has seen more than 24,000 prohibition-related murders in Mexican cities since 2005. So if weed is legalized, there won’t be any such prohibition related deaths and similar dire instances is several places all around the world.

Weed is safer than alcohol

It is an established clinical fact that weed is not toxic to human beings and it is half as addictive as tobacco and alcohol. As it is impossible to get a weed overdose with delta-g-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, it is really unfair and unjust to treat weed users more harshly under the law, than the users who are addicted to tobacco or alcohol.

Help in stopping use and production of more destructive drugs

By making weed legal, police in the USA and also in several other nations across the globe, can focus their responsiveness on stopping more damaging illegal drugs like heroin, LSD and cocaine, which are more likely to cause greater health and crime problems in this modern world.

Legalizing weed shall also help all the financially strapped nations to reduce drug reinforcement costs which often runs up to several hundred billions and can be really detrimental for the well-being of the citizens living in those places across the globe.

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