Benefits Of Leeks

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Benefits of Leeks

Leeks have the same smell as onions and are scientifically known as Allium porrum belonging to the Alliaceae family which both onions and garlic belong to as well only that leeks are longer than these two. They have flat overlapping leaves which form an elongated round bulb. Both the bulb and leaves are eaten. However much this vegetable is not famous as its equivalents, it has several benefits to our health some of which are mentioned below;-

1. Flavor
Leeks are very nice when it comes to adding of extra flavor to your food. Most people reach out to leeks when there are working on their recipes because they have a subtle, mellow flavor. Not only are leeks known for their sweeter and mild flavor, they are also more pungent than their counterparts. For this reason, they are used to make stews, soups and many more dishes wholesome and healthy.

2. Reduce and prevent cancer
Leeks contain allyl sulfides which have been seen to modify pathways which are associated with growing malignant tumors. Because of this, a high intake of leeks and any other member of Allium group of vegetable can prevent certain kinds of cancer. Although they have a lower amount of allyl sulfides than garlic or onions, they still appear to have enough concentrations which are adequate for providing the body with protection.

3. Prevent heart diseases
Allium family vegetables have a blood pressure lowering effect preventing platelets from clumping which can be a significant cause for heart attack. Studies have further shown that they are able to raise HDL (good) cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol. This important balance is what maintains healthy arteries. If consumed regularly, these vegetables can guard the body against strokes and heart attacks.

However much this vegetable is beneficial to our health, it takes a long time to mature and be ready for consumption.

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