Benefits of LCN Gel Nails


LCN gel nails or “light concept nails” are the latest in nail care technology. These nails are said to be a great alternative to the common acrylic-based nail products that are widely used and available in stores around the world. These nails are considered very durable and strong just like acrylic but are much softer because of its gel-like consistency. LCN nails are said to have originated from Germany and was derived from dental resin. Its use for nail care was introduced back in 1985 but only became a popular product in recent times. Using LCN gel nails can provide various benefits including the following:

  1. No toxic chemicals

LCN gel nails contain no harmful chemicals that may be toxic to the body. These acrylic nail alternatives are often promoted as very safe to use and has no known health effects or disadvantages. Many people, especially women, have become increasingly aware of the various dangers that some beauty products may pose because of some harmful ingredients. In terms of nail care, choosing a much safer option than acrylics in the form of LCN gel nails will be also much easier.

  1. Safety and efficiency

LCN gel nails are also very safe and easy to apply. People need not worry about causing damage to their nails when using LCN gel nails. Some acrylic nail products may weaken or harm the nail underneath and may also pose health concerns. LNC gel nails meanwhile do not cause any of these concerns because they are very easy to apply and very efficient in terms of its purpose.

  1. Natural look

Many women prefer products that look real and natural. In terms of nail care, LCN gel nails provide a very natural look with some people not even noticing that they are fake nails for example. The lightly-cured resin in LCN gel nails literally blend in with the fingers and look very real up close.

  1. Durability

LCN gel nails are said to be very strong and durable when compared to acrylic-based nail products and extensions. These products can last for several weeks without the need for retouches and re-alignments. The resin in LCN gel nails are said to be very consistent and its gel-like property makes it adhere to the nail underneath for a much longer period of time. Being gel-like, LCN gel nails also adhere to the contours of the actual nail making them fit better and last longer than acrylic nails.

  1. Unlimited style options

The best benefit that people can get about LCN gel nails is that they can be used for various different styles of nail care and art. Various designs may be used when using LCN gel nails and they may also be applied to different parts of the nail from the base up to roots.

LCN gel nails have become very popular for many women across the globe. Their durability and safety have become their main features aside from the unlimited style options they can offer. These nails may also be applied at home just like acrylic-based products. For simple nail art projects, people may do the nail-styling on their own. For more complicated and intricate designs, people may also choose to have their nails done by the experts using LCN gel nails.

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