Benefits Of LCD

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Benefits of LCD

LCD is an abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display. The pixels of LCD screens consist of very many small liquid crystals. There is a transistor behind each pixel that controls the electricity flowing through it. The vertical polarizing filter is located in front of the pixels and it only allows vertical waves of light to pass through. Further down are a couple of advantages of making use of the LCD screens.

1. High resolution
LCD screens offer the highest resolution in comparison with other types of screens. The image produced is perfectly sharp and the high peak intensity gives very bright images. As a matter of fact, LCD screens are best for environments with very bright lights or the outdoors. It also has zero geometric distortion as compared to other displays since the images have to be rescaled.

2. Highly efficient
The LCD display is highly efficient when it comes to saving both space and energy. Unlike a CRT display that requires some space for the tube, the LCD display uses a source of light with polarizing filters as well as a thin liquid crystal layer. For that reason, the LCD screen does not take up a lot of space. In addition to that, the LCD display does not require a lot of energy to function. This is the best option if you are looking for a quality screen that does not consume a lot of power.

3. Durable
One of the main advantages of LCD screens is that they can last for a very long time up to about 150,000 hours. They are also available in a great range of sizes, meaning that you can get the appropriate size that suits your specific needs.
A major disadvantage of LCD screens is basically the fact that there is limited viewing angle. Contrast, brightness, color and gamma mixtures change with the angle of viewing. This can lead to color and contrast reversal at great angles.

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