Benefits of LCD TV

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Benefits of LCD TV

There are many kinds of televisions nowadays such as the LCD televisions, Plasma televisions and LED televisions. The widely used and most preferred option amongst these three types of televisions is LCD TV. The following is a looking at the benefits that users get from LCD televisions.

1. Great viewing experience

With an LCD television, it is possible to watch your favorite channels for nearly any location in a room. This benefit is caused by the wide viewing angle that is above 160 degrees. This means users can still view a clear image even when they are not directly in front of the screen. Additionally, LCD televisions also appear better in rooms that are brightly lit as compared to plasma televisions because they is lesser glare generated by the screen.

2. Easily affordable

LCD televisions are available from a wide range of reasonably priced options in several screen sizes. Actually, experts believe that those planning to upgrade their home entertainment systems should consider buying LCD televisions. This is because they offer a more affordable option as it is possible to buy a 37 inch LCD at a cheaper price as compared to the 42 inch plasma. Furthermore, LCD televisions are normally lighter than their plasma counterparts, making them simpler to install.

3. Low power consumption

In general, plasma televisions use much more power to generate images than LCD televisions, which increases their overall cost. Some studies have found that a 52 inch LCD television uses half of the electricity consumed by a 50 inch plasma television. Besides the enhanced energy consumption of plasma televisions, they also generate more heat as compared to LCD televisions.

Finally, an LCD TV has a very long lifespan of approximately 60,000 hours. This means your LCD set would last for almost 20 years after purchase.

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