Benefits of Lawns

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Benefits of Lawns

Many homes have lawns but very few are aware of the benefits that these lawns can provide them. Actually, lawns are only considered as a way of beautifying the house and nothing else. However, there are countless other advantages that lawns have to offer. In the urban setting, lawns help to offer an important link to nature, which benefits homeowners by reducing stress.

1. Improves general health

Lawns have a large impact on our health as they work to cushion, clean air, generate oxygen and also create a serene environment. Knowledge of lawn care is also therapeutic and is even used for rehabilitation the handicapped, the incarcerated and the ill. A lawn also affects the mood of people around it, creating beneficial feelings of privacy, thoughtfulness, serenity and happiness. Yearly nature cycles produce great changes in lawn color, which are the first places to become green in spring and consequently lift human spirits.

2. Prevents pollution

Smoke particles and dust from the air settle in the lawns, which assist in keeping air cleaner. In addition, noise is also absorbed by lawns and thus cuts down on too much sound, a rising problem in most urban areas. Other pollutants like sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide are trapped by lawn grass, thus rendering air fit for breathing. Lawns also control climate the ground level since they help to cool temperatures, hence functioning as natural air conditioners.

3. Control soil erosion

Soil erosion through water is successfully controlled by lawns as they act like a barrier and intercept raindrops. Grass also slows water flow, so that soil particles are not swept away. Water run-off is thereby reduced with a maintained lawn, which helps maintain a quality environment.

This outline of the key advantages of lawns offers recognition to grass plants, which are a great present from nature.

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