Benefits of Lauki

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Benefits of Lauki

Lauki, commonly called bottle gourd, is regarded as the first vegetable to be cultivated in Africa. While it is not very well-known in western countries, it is a popular vegetable in India. Lauki grows well in the humid Indian weather, and various other tropical nations. This vegetable has numerous properties valued in Indian traditional healing.

1. Treats urinary disorders

Lauki is extremely valuable in the treatment of urinary disorders. This vegetable is alkaline in nature and it is used to curing burning sensation felt in the urinary passage because of the acidic nature of urine. Drinking a juice made by grating bottle gourd and lime juice is recommended since it has the possibility of breaking stones within the body.

2. Low fat content

Lauki is significantly low in cholesterol and fat, but high in beneficial dietary fiber. It comprises of 95% water and vitamins B and C complex. It also has 80mg of potassium and 1.8g of sodium, which makes it the best choice for hypertensive individuals. Lauki is great for low calorie diets and also for children and convalescents.

3. Insomnia relief

A mixture of sesame oil and bottle gourd acts like an efficient treatment for insomnia. You should massage this mixture onto your scalp each night so as to get this benefit. Besides this, juice made from bottle gourd also helps in the treatment of epilepsy, insanity and various other nervous system disorders.

4. Cooling effect

Lauki has a high content of water and this makes it cooling, especially during hot seasons. It is not only cooling, but it is also calming and simple to digest. Furthermore, it helps in averting bloating and other disorders of the digestive system.

Lastly, bottle gourd intake is beneficial for liver function. It helps to process food efficiently for maximum assimilation of vital nutrients.

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