Benefits Of Large Schools

Benefits of Large Schools

Many folks fear large schools for the hordes of students, teacher to student’s radio and the likelihood that their children will not stand out in the student population. Nonetheless, large schools have numerous benefits over smaller schools. Typically, large schools have a population of more than 1000 students.

1. Competition
Attending a large school gives students a chance to earn recognition in the real word. By competing with hundred of students for starting basketball spots or top GPA, students have to network with other students and work extra hard in order to stand out from the rest. Because of such intensity, most students prefer larger high schools than smaller schools with less competition.

2. Name recognition
High school actually matters when students apply for college. Many programs are aware of the education background the learners bring from a particular high school. With that said, large schools enjoy name recognition in terms of college admission. In other words, doing well in renowned schools is important if you want to join a good college.

3. Financial advantages
Large schools also benefit from substantial financial advantages. Most large schools are funded by the government to make tuition costs affordable to needy students. In addition to that, many large schools are situated in urban areas, meaning there is public transportation and low cost housing.

4. Better learning facilities
Large schools have lager media centers and libraries as compared to smaller schools. There are plenty of rooms to study and several computer labs. At smaller schools the might be only a single library for the entire student population.

Unlike large schools, smaller schools are more flexible and responsive. In addition, teachers and students can relate to each other, providing an ideal environment for one-on-one attention. Since there is a small administration, teacher satisfaction is evident, as well as increased participation in extracurricular activities.

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